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Native from Toulouse, Tilt is an international figure of the graffiti movement. Calling himself "graffiti fetishist", he develops his practice in the streets and on trains.

His first graffitis, on skateboard ramps date back to 1988. Since then, his work has been enriched and reflects the influence of his many trips. His stays abroad allowed him to exhibit and to leave his imprint on nearly 40 countries including the United States, Japan, the Philippines, Senegal, China, New Zealand, Australia, as well as many cities in Europe.

Tilt likes to demonstrate with his practice that the initial form of graffiti can have a strong impact and complex or figurative compositions. He offers a clean formal vocabulary and pure colors which translate his primitive approach to the classic graffiti from which he comes from. His exclusive use of rounded shapes refers to his obsession with curves even if his name doesn’t initially contain any.    According to the codes of graffiti, writing is the main focus of his work. True to his roots, it will always be a pleasure for him to paint in the streets, the place where he feels the most free. Tilt has published several books about his art associated with his photographs : Fetish BubbleGirls, My love letters, a Scotland yard, My egodrips, Photograffitiltism, Closer to God in heels et Magic & Destroy.